The DCS Super Airdrop Event Is Live!

We are glad to announce that the DCS super airdrop event is live!
Reward pool: 30000 $DCS (worth $600,000)
Time: End in 7 days
1. Follow DCS official Twitter:
2. Join DCS official telegram:
3. Comment on this tweet and tag 3 friends:
Including a nice message will help you avoid activating any Twitter bot protection.

Fill in the form after completing the above three tasks:

DCS is a decentralized data crypto system, which proposes the Mix-ZK protocol and combines the principles of “hybrid data structure” and “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive knowledge argumentation (zk-SNARK)” to ensure the anonymity of users and the privacy of message transmission, privacy of data structure. DCS is committed to adopting various applications built on the platform to protect users’ privacy and data security, with low gas and fast transaction speed, to create a new transaction model that is decentralized, hidden, safe, intelligent, shared, and mutually beneficial.





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