DCS x Crypto SquadX AMA RECAP

Q1. Hello, recently, we saw that BSCdaily tweeted about DCS and Mix-ZK protocol technology, and know the BSC’s acceptance and support for DCS. Can you tell us more about it?

May: BSC has always held an encouraging and recognized attitude towards DCS. After rigorously inspecting and certifying the founders and project conditions, BSC chose to help us promote this technology. We are here appreciated so much.

DCS Decentralized Data Crypto System is the only anonymous privacy protection platform based on BSC. The original Mix-ZK protocol combines the “hybrid data structure” and “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive knowledge argumentation (zk-SNARK) principles to ensure user anonymity, information transmission privacy, and data structure privacy, and provide users with digital asset security and privacy solutions to create a new transaction model that is decentralized, concealed, secure, shared, and mutually beneficial. The privacy encryption system of DCS can effectively protect the privacy of individuals, enterprises, institutions, etc. on the blockchain.

Q2. You just mentioned that BSCdaily inspected and certified the founders. Can you tell us more about the DCS founding team members?

May: Luca Christen, CEO of Decentralized Data Crypto System, graduated from Rice University, began to get involved in the blockchain field in 2010, and invested in the research of blockchain technology, with many years of experience in the implementation of blockchain in the commercial field.

Jaime Terauds. Co-founder of DCS, good at applying proprietary zero-knowledge proof to solve blockchain-based privacy issues. Graduated from Charles Sturt University with an MBA degree in management. He has served as CEO, Managing Director, Executive Director and Chairman of 16 start-up companies established on 3 states.

Aaron T Cassar. Co-founder of DCS. Graduated from Griffith University with a business major.

His professional expertise lies in the following key areas: Monetization experts in emerging markets; using exchange technology to support cryptocurrency transactions including security tokens; developing market concepts, including referral programs, etc.

Q3. Since they are all elites from the blockchain field, so why did they create DCS?

May: As a public ledger, the blockchain can be traced to the source, and the correlation between the address and the owner’s identity information will allow to show everyone their own bills, consumption habits, wealth, source of funds, etc., which makes asset information security and personal safety in worry. The birth of the DCS platform is to change this pain point and ensure user privacy and security.

Q4. It is undoubtedly good news to be able to solve the problem of privacy and security. But how does DCS work on it?

May: DCS’s pioneered Mix-ZK protocol combines “zero-knowledge concise non-interactive knowledge” and “hybrid data structure”.

Zero-knowledge proof protocol: One can prove to the other one that they know the value of X, and apart from the fact that they know the value of X, no user identity information is transmitted.

Mixed data structure: With a mixed set, only verify that the key is indeed listed in the data structure, but the key and data structure will not be unlocked when the key and data structure are completely encrypted so that to ensure the privacy of the user’s identity.

Combining the aforementioned dual algorithm principles, an encrypted certificate system applied to the concealment of digital currency is created, so that the open and transparent blockchain can remain concealed at the same time.

Q5. What is the current data and user situation of DCS?

May: Currently, DCS is in its first mining cycle, and consensus participants are continuing to rise. At present, the amount of pledged on the entire network has reached 4,712,900 while the amount of burned token was 55315.3392. Due to the increasing number of consensus participants, the price of DCS is also rising steadily, and it has now broke 5U. Thank you very much for the trust and support of DCS users.

Q6. Does DCS have a multi-chain layout plan?

May: Yes, our multi-chain layout is already underway, and the second chain is currently being deployed. In the future, we will gradually build a prosperous multi-chain parallel ecosystem.

Q7. Looking forward to it. I’d like to know how DCS is used globally? What countries are supported by DCS currently?

May: DCS is a global platform. We hope that this technology can serve people all over the world and protect all privacy and security needs. Currently, our users come from various regions, including the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, China, South Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. We hope that more and more people from different countries and regions will benefit from the DCS platform in the future.

Q8. So, how to participate in DCS liquidity mining and certificate-issuance mining?

May: We adopt the dual mining model of liquidity mining and certificate-issuance mining. Open our official website dcs.cash, then you can see the buttons for liquidity mining and certificate- issuance mining. The specific tutorials can be checked on our Medium:


Q9. There is a certificate code when I issue a certificate. Is there anything worth noting about this?

May: The code generated by issuing a certificate through DCS is the only certificate, just like the private key of a blockchain wallet address, the user must keep it carefully and don’t tell anyone until the certificate is retrieved.

Q10. I would love to invest in DCS, but still wonder what other application scenarios DCS will have in the future?

May: Of course, we are constantly experimenting with the application of DCS in new areas. In the future, in addition to digital currency transactions, you will see DCS can be applied in more scenarios, such as the institutions and commercial applications, enterprises, bidding, anonymous voting, charity, auctions, etc.





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