DCS March into MetaDAO

DCS is an anonymous privacy protection platform based on BSC and POLYGON. The first Mix-ZK protocol is combined with ZK-Snark principle. It is dedicated to solving the problems of inefficiency, security and lack of convenience that are common in current anonymous protocols, ensuring the anonymity of users, the privacy of message transmission and the privacy of data structure. It is an application-oriented anonymous privacy protocol that supports cross-chain. While DCS is committed to building a safe and stable privacy protection platform, it is also committed to building a diversified ecological landscape.

In 2022, the continuous explosion of the Metaverse makes people see the significance of the existence of MetaDAO, and some people even predict that DAO will probably become the “next big trend” in the blockchain field, attracting more and more users and investors to pay attention to the track. On the DAO track, as the leading ecological builder in the industry, DCS has continuously gathered the popular DAO projects in the market, and has become one of the early platforms to tap the value of DAO. A complete ecological development must be supported by strong infrastructure and basic ecology. Stepping into the meta-universe is the only way for ecological development of DCS.

The first ecological application of DCS -Supercars

Supercars is the first ecological application of DCS, the first stepping stone for DCS to enter the Metaverse, and an important milestone for the comprehensive upgrade of DCS ecology. Since then, DCS will open its own road of ecological application. In the future, DCS will always pay attention to the development of the industry, constantly explore hot spots in the industry and apply them. In fact, we have been conducting related cooperation and acquisition all the time. In the future development, the application of DCS will be more and more, creating an increasingly prosperous multi-ecological system.

DCS mapping plan

1. BSC: Users on all encryption nodes of DCS in BSC chain can use DCS to directly exchange CAR according to the ratio of 1: 1, and one encryption node can exchange 100 CAR. It is important to note that if the encryption node fails during this period, the final CAR cannot be obtained. DCS consumed after successful exchange will be directly destroyed;

2. POLYGON: On the POLYGON chain, DCS users can use DCS to directly exchange CAR according to the ratio of 1: 1.25, with at least 100 CAR and at most 500 CAR;

(The same address can have 500 quotas on BSC and POLYGON respectively. )

The mapping time will start at 12:00 on March 16th and end at 12:00 on April 5th (UTC).

DCS production reduction and destruction

DCS will enter the first halving cycle in March, which is also the first time that DCS will reduce production. After that, the output of DCS will be greatly reduced, and at the same time, the user group of DCS is constantly expanding, so the DCS you hold will become more and more valuable.

With the continuous expansion and improvement of the ecological layout of DCS, the ecological application of DCS will be more and more, and there will be more and more consumption scenarios, so DCS will become more and more scarce and precious.

DCS ecology continues to expand and innovate, attracting more users to enter the market.

The layout of MetaDAO ecology makes the whole ecological construction more efficient and cheaper, and all-round value empowerment in market, flow and resources, etc. It also marks a metamorphosis of DCS ecology, and DCS will continue to carry out ecological expansion and innovation with the overall layout of Meta DAO + Gamefi + SocialFi as the core. Followers who choose DCS will surely be better and better in the future.





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