DCS AMA in CryptoNesia community

Q1: Please make a brief introduction of yourself.

May:Hello, I am May, the global ambassador of the DCS platform. With the implementation of blockchain applications, the privacy protection is a rigid need. I am very optimistic about the direction of privacy protection, so I joined the DCS platform

Q2: Could you introduce what is DCS briefly?

May:The full name of the DCS platform is Decentralized Data Crypto System. It is first deployed in BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and proposes the Mix-ZK protocol, which combines “hybrid data structure” and “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive knowledge argumentation (zk-SNARK) principles to ensure user anonymity, gas reduction, privacy of message transmission, and privacy of data institutions, and provide users with digital asset security and privacy solutions, so that to create a new transaction model that is decentralized, secretive, safe, shared, and mutually beneficial.

Q3. What reasons result in the birth of DCS? What pain points do you want to solve?

May:Blockchain has the advantages of decentralization, anonymity, openness and transparency, and non-tamperability. However, with the application of blockchain, we found that although the real identity of the trader will not be displayed on the public ledger of the blockchain, the user’s wallet, balance, trading time, etc. are all publicly available for inquiry. So once the address of the trader is associated with the identity information, there is no privacy.

Especially when the blockchain is widely used, imagine that you buy a cloth and pay with Bitcoin. Then the merchant knows your transfer address and your identity, which means he also knows how many Bitcoins do you have and what you like to buy.

DCS is a blockchain commercial implementation platform that values user privacy. User information is well protected when to pay, vote, do charity, bidding, etc. via the DCS system.

Q4. What are the advantages of your project different from other projects?


Security: The digital assets transferred to the decentralized smart contract are not controlled by any one person, and can only be collected by the person who holds the encrypted voucher.

Convenience: it can be operated directly in the mobile wallet APP, and interact with the smart contract on the chain without completing complicated registration and verification procedures.

Privacy: Each encrypted certificate issued by a user has a standardized fixed denomination, and everyone has the same amount of income and withdrawal. So, it is impossible to compare the transferred account and transaction details through the amount even using various big data analysis.

Complexity: The more the number of vouchers in the smart contract, the more complex vouchers that enter and exit at the same time.

Incentive: In order to ensure privacy and complexity, the DCS platform has designed a set of user incentive systems of “certificate issuance for mining” and “node governance” to incentivize users who are optimistic about this demand and have digital asset privacy protect users in need, and share the benefits of the DCS platform through behavioral mining and mobile pledge mining.

Q5. What are your further plans for your project?


At the end of July, we will hold an airdrop event.

On August 7, we will launch the DCS encrypted certificate system Dapp based on BSC.

At the same time, we will start encrypted certificate ecological mining and mobile pledge mining.

In September, the DCS pass will be listed on some CEX and DEX.

In October, we will decide whether to increase the deployment of contracts on Ethereum through a cross-chain bridge based on the optimization of Ethereum gas fees.

In 2022, the application of DCS will gradually develop into platform. In addition to the privacy protection of digital assets, DCS will gradually be applied to various institutions and business scenarios, such as corporate bidding, anonymous voting, charity, auctions, medical care, archive storage and other commercial fields

Q6. How do you evaluate DCS?

May:The pursuit of privacy protection behind DCS is a rigid need for blockchain users, and it will be even more rigid when the full application of blockchain is implemented in the future, which can protect us from the infringement of our personal privacy by snoopers in the digital age. The decentralized encryption system based on BSC will also be a new system that will subvert cryptocurrency transactions, and this is also a cryptocurrency transaction system that continues to grow in hundreds of billions of dollars. DCS is committed to protecting users’ privacy and security of cryptocurrency with the support of the powerful technique advantages, so that to drive blockchain digital assets into the era of true value.

Q7. What are the functions of the DCS platform?

May:Issuing and receiving certificates: When users transfer their digital assets to the DCS decentralized platform, a unique encrypted certificate will be generated. The certificate is the only key to retrieve the digital asset.

Open voucher mining: DCS platform has designed a behavioral mining mechanism. When users issue encrypted credentials, they can obtain DCS platform coins in the block as rewards, and they can pledge to earn points or participate in governance.

Pledged profit sharing function: Each time you use the DCS platform function will charge an additional fee of 0.2% of the voucher denomination. But due to our spirit of sharing economy, it will be distributed to all users who pledge DCS platform coins in proportion, and the profit will be shared at any time. Users can choose to pledge DCS on the DCS platform, which can also be taken out arbitrarily, but the profit-sharing rights will be lost if taken out.

Q8. What is the token allocation model of DCS?

May:The DCS platform token DCS token is issued based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), with total supply of 60 million. The following is the allocation map.

Q9. What are the benefits of holding DCS tokens?


1. Community governance: Holders can vote on relevant governance parameters after DCS token have been distributed to a certain amount, which includes but not limited to currency denomination, number of equities, handling fee, and profit-sharing ratio.

2. Community improvement: The DCS platform allows the new TRON TRC-20 specification tokens to be listed on but the applicant must pledge a certain amount of DCS, and the amount of DCS will be destroyed after community voting, and the contract of the new token can be added, also, DCS community can share a certain degree of processing fees in the applicant’s tokens, and the relevant fees are jointly decided by the applicant and the DCS community.

3. Revenue sharing: The DCS platform charges an additional 0.2% handling fee for each transaction as the revenue of the DCS platform, which deducts 25% of the development team’s operating expenses, and the remaining 75% will be allocated to community holders and sharers based on the pledge ratio and contribution to reward community members who participate in mining and pledge.

Q10. Does the DCS platform have DAO?

May:Of course, we have. The DCS platform authorizes autonomous members so that all DCS fans have the opportunity to become DCS DAO members.

The function of DCS DAO is to develop, operate, and iterate DCS smart contracts, formulate DCS security and compliance standards and manage and distribute the benefits of the DCS platform. Any changes and updates to decisions, rules, etc., will be voted by DCS holders in a democratic manner, which is compliance, openness and transparency.



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