DCS AMA in Caravan Community

Q1. Please make a brief introduction of yourself to our community.

May: Hello everyone, I am May, the global ambassador of the DCS platform. With the implementation of blockchain applications, privacy protection is a rigid need now. I am very optimistic about the direction of privacy protection, so I joined the DCS platform.

Q2. Could you please briefly introduce what is DCS?

May: The full name of the DCS platform is Decentralized Data Crypto System. It is first deployed in BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and proposes the Mix-ZK protocol, which combines “hybrid data structure” and “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive knowledge argumentation (zk-SNARK) principles to ensure user anonymity, gas reduction, the privacy of message transmission, and privacy of data institutions, provide users with digital asset security and privacy solutions, and create a new transaction model that is decentralized, secretive, safe, shared, and mutually beneficial.

Q3. What pain points does DCS want to solve?

May: Blockchain has the advantages of decentralization, anonymity, openness and transparency, and non-tamperability. However, with the application of blockchain, we found that although the real identity of the trader will not be displayed on the public ledger of the blockchain, the user’s wallet, balance, trading time, etc. are all publicly available for inquiry. So once the address of the trader is associated with the identity information, there is no privacy.

Especially when the blockchain is widely used, imagine that you buy cloth with Bitcoin, the merchant can know your transfer address and your identity, which means he also knows how many digital assets you have and your transaction details.

DCS is a blockchain commercial implementation platform that values user privacy. User information is well protected when to pay, vote, do charity, bidding, etc. via the DCS system.

Q4. What is the core principle of the DCS encryption certificate protocol?

May: The core algorithm of the DCS encryption certificate protocol is the Mix-ZK protocol, which combines the “hybrid data structure” and “zero-knowledge succinct non-interactive knowledge argumentation (zk-SNARK)” principles so that to ensure the anonymity of users and the transmission of messages privacy, the privacy of data structure

Q5. How to simply understand the zk-SNARKS used in the Mix-ZK protocol?

May: The zero-knowledge proof of DCS is more like an indirect way to verify whether something is true or correct. The best example of understanding zero-knowledge proof is the key:

A has a key to a room, but B needs to verify whether A’s key is the correct key to this room?

The traditional method is that A opens the door directly in front of B, which directly proves that A’s key is valid.

The Mix-ZK method is that B describes a unique item in the room, and A takes out the item and sends it to B, which indirectly proves that the key in A’s key is valid, and A does not need to disclose other information.

With the Mix-ZK protocol uses zk-SNARKS (non-interactive concise zero-knowledge proof) technology, there is no need to disclose transaction details and exact deposits during the transaction process, and no one can compare the two transactions in the process so that to achieve transaction privacy.

Q6. How to simply understand the mixed data structure?

May: If only using zk-SNARK can not achieve real chain concealment, because the data structure of the smart contract is public, so a single transaction is separately coded and recorded in a smart contract, then just checking the field changes can link the depositor and the proposer. The Mix-ZK protocol adopts a mixed set. Anyone who generates an encrypted certificate will join a growing data structure, which is protected by encryption calculations. Only those who know the key of a certain certificate use zk- SNARK can verify that the key is indeed listed in the data structure. The entire process, including the key and data structure, is completely encrypted and will not be unlocked, so there is no way to know which transferor the key belongs to.

Q7. Could you tell us DCS roadmap?

May: First Phase: Set sail to the era of privacy encryption

2021.1-Discover the privacy needs of blockchain applications

2021.4 DCS proposed and implemented the Mix-ZK core algorithm

2021.6 DCS released version 1.0 white paper

2021.7.25-Provide airdrop benefits to the first batch of DCS consensus users

2021.8.1 — — The DCS encrypted credential system Dapp will be launched based on BSC;

2021.8.7-Encrypted certificate ecological mining, liquidity pledge mining, and trading fee dividends will be launched.

2021.9-Reaching cooperation with international first-line exchanges to circulate DCS certificates on the basis of DEX.

Second Phase: To achieve multi-chain encryption prosperity

Deploy contracts on multiple chains in the form of cross-chain bridges, etc., on the basis of running on BSC.

2021.12- Deployment on Ethereum contract (time will be adjusted according to the optimization of Ethereum gas fee)

2022.2- Complete deployment on Polkadot, TRON, Heco and other chains according to market demand gradually.

To achieve multi-chain support, improve consensus, and lay a solid foundation for commercial applications

Third Phase: To start a commercial journey

The application of DCS is gradually developing towards platformization.

Starting in 2022, in addition to the privacy protection of crypto assets, DCS will gradually be applied to various institutions and business scenarios, such as corporate bidding, anonymous voting, charity, auctions, medical care, archive storage and other commercial fields.

In 2023, DCS will become a leader in the field of blockchain privacy protection, build a market value of 100 billion, and drive blockchain crypto assets into an era of real value.

Q8. What is the DCS token allocation model? How can I buy it?

May: The DCS platform token DCS token is issued based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), with total supply of 60 million.

The fairness of DCS is that the output of the DCS founding team is synchronized with the mining mechanism. The DCS belongs to the technical team, operation team, and foundation are all locked and will be unlocked in proportion to the mining output, and automatically executed by smart contracts without human control.

There is no purchase channel for DCS currently. You can get it for free through airdrops.





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